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Project Description

Client: Greg Location: Bonogin

Nestled in the scenic semi-rural location of Benogin, this project presented a unique challenge—a very steep slope that had to be tamed. The mission was to construct two robust retaining walls that would not only stabilize the property but also provide additional usable land. Wall 1 spanned an impressive 85 meters in length and stood 4 meters high, while Wall 2 was 55 meters long and 3.5 meters high. Both walls were constructed using JBlocks, steel reinforcement, and concrete fill, resulting in an added 800 square meters of play area for the children.

The Challenges

The steep slope made this project particularly challenging. Given the rural setting and the height of the walls, meticulous engineering and council approval were mandatory. A key objective was to create safe, durable, and high-quality retaining walls that also looked great.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

  1. Engineering & Council Approval: Before a single block was placed, we obtained the necessary engineering designs and council approvals. This ensured that the walls were constructed in compliance with all regulations and safety standards.
  2. JBlocks and Steel Reinforcement: The walls were built using high-quality JBlocks, a choice that offers both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Steel reinforcement was added for extra durability.
  3. Concrete Fill: Concrete fill was poured into the reinforced JBlocks, giving the walls the strength they needed to stand tall and firm.
  4. Drainage: Effective drainage systems were installed to manage water flow, an essential step in preserving the walls’ integrity over time.

Bonus Feature: Usable Land

The project had a silver lining, too—the retaining walls freed up approximately 800 square meters of once-steep land, transforming it into a safe and flat area for kids to play.


This ambitious project was a complete success, meeting all engineering and safety criteria. The homeowners were thrilled with the added usable space and the aesthetically pleasing, yet functional, retaining walls.