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Project Description

Client: Yvonne Location: Carrara

In a suburban property with limited access and a challenging slope, our team successfully constructed two off-form concrete retaining walls, a set of concrete stairs, and pool surrounds. The project not only involved meticulous design planning but also required the removal of an old timber retaining wall, extensive excavation, steel-reinforced footings, formwork, and a final concrete pour.

The Challenges

One of the major challenges was the limited access to the suburban property, which made bringing in materials and heavy machinery a logistical puzzle. Additionally, the steep slope required specialized engineering to ensure the stability and longevity of the retaining walls and other features.

Innovative Features

The design didn’t stop at functionality; aesthetics played a significant role too. One of the standout features is a uniquely designed shadow line at the bottom of the retaining walls and stairs. This space is fitted with a warm LED strip, transforming a simple pathway into an inviting, illuminated journey at night.


  1. Removal of Old Structures: The first step involved removing an old, timber retaining wall that had seen better days.
  2. Excavation: We dug deep—literally! The slope was excavated to create a suitable base for the new retaining walls and stairs.
  3. Steel-Reinforced Footings: To ensure maximum stability, especially given the property’s slope, we installed steel-reinforced footings.
  4. Formwork: Detailed formwork was set up to bring the off-form concrete designs to life. Formwork supplied and set by our great mates at Critique Carpentry
  5. Concrete Pour: The final act! A concrete pour solidified the structures, bringing the project closer to completion.
  6. LED Strip Installation: The last touch was installing the warm LED strip in the shadow line, ensuring the path not only looks great but is safely lit at night.


Despite the constraints of limited access and a steep slope, the project was a resounding success, blending functionality and design. The retaining walls now offer enhanced support to the property, and the new stairs and pool surrounds contribute to a cohesive and modern outdoor environment.

Our team is proud of the work completed on this complex, suburban property. We turned challenges into opportunities, crafting a landscape that marries form and function beautifully.